bad video quality

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    Pixel/Blur when recording... need help !

    Hello everybody ! I have been looking for a solution with other forum and youtube video. But nothing worked so Im now asking for help. When i record i have pixel/blur : We can see it the most around letter on the...
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    VERY Choppy Video using Zoom

    Hi there, I run an interview channel on YouTube where I bring in guests virtually. Currently I am using Zoom to communicate with the guests and a window capture of that Zoom window to bring the guest into OBS visually. It all seems to go well when recording but when streaming the Zoom image...
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    Question / Help Mac Skype NDI poor quality

    Hello, everyone. I am desperate. I have a huge pain trying broadcasting remote speakers with skype NDI on mac. The source video quality is very bad. I guess 10fps on the lowest quality skype supports. Not sure why as both parties have stable 100 Mbs connection and on 10 Mbs youtube shows that...
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    Question / Help Video is recorded in poor quality

    I record video in a large bitrate and a resolution of 1920x1080, but after recording the video looks very bad. Tried to update drivers, put the old gtx1060 video card, updated Windows, does not help ! Here is log file: