Question / Help Multiple participants in stream via Skype NDI - only on-screen person audible


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Hi there,

Newbie to OBS Studio, running v25.0.8 (64 bit) on up-to-date Windows 10 x64 machine.

I did a stream a little while back with a total of 5 participants. We had a Skype conversation going, and on my PC (running both Skype and OBS) I added the NDI sources to one scene per participant. I then made a "studio" scene which included the different scenes from each participant, so I could set up my Stream Deck to show the person currently taking and hide everyone else (I didn't want to use the Skype active talker as I find that kind of flaky). So I had a button for "Person 1", that would hide the video from Person 2 through Person 5 and make sure the video for Person 1 was visible.

A stream was set up to YouTube and successfully wound up there with 30-40 seconds of delay.

This worked as well as could be expected for the video. However, it had the consequence that the people watching the stream could only hear the person on camera at the moment.

I THINK this means that when I make a source scene invisible in the scene, it will also be muted. Is this a correct conclusion?

I went with the "studio scene" because it would make it easier to put common graphics elements on top of the video streams, but perhaps that is not the case?

One thought is to add a scene ("Audio layer scene") that only contains all the NDI sources, move it off-screen or to the bottom of the source stack in the studio scene - should that allow the stream audience to hear all participants at once, no matter who is currently visible on screen?

There were some other challenges with Skype quality that has me looking at other options for multi-participant streams, including OBS on each participants PC, streaming to an NGINX + rtmp server I set up, then using the streams as sources in OBS (and real time communication via another audio-only channel), which I believe will lead to better quality than Skype, but I suspect we would see the same issue with audio from only the "visible" sources.

Any inputs on this would be most welcome, thanks!