Question / Help Issue with Audio Monitoring Drifting over Time


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I have two capture devices, "Magewell USB Capture HDMI Gen 1" and "Magewell USB Capture HDMI PLUS".

When I use the PLUS with the XRGB video format and its audio device set up with the "Use custom audio device" option in the video capture source properties, then the monitored audio from that source has slight distortions every couple of seconds and it also drifts (lags more and more behind) over time. This does not happen with the Gen 1 capture device, it does not happen when using the YUY2 video format, and it does not happen if I register the audio device as a separate source.

It seems to only affect monitoring, the mixer meter for that source displays the levels correctly, and if I record without monitoring, then the recorded audio is also fine. I am not sure if this is a bug or if I am just doing something wrong. However, it seems very strange to me that the capture device settings would change anything regarding monitored audio but not the actual recorded audio.

Log file:

I can also provide a sample recording if needed.


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Unfortunately, no.

I was hoping that one of the people involved with OBS could clarify if this is a bug in OBS or something capture device drivers. Although I am not sure how the capture device driver could cause a situation where recording works fine but monitoring does not.


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I have a similar problem. Trying to capture a mic with OBS. I checked the samplerate, it's 48khz for the relevant devices and in OBS. I'm not quite sure if the drifting sync is audible in the stream but the monitor is drifting by 10th of milliseconds per minute and the overall latency gets more and more and more... I use a ZOOM H2n per USB audio interface mode with the latest drivers and the sync drift is slowly driving me nuts. I tried everything possible, 'device timestamp' on/off, different samplerate settings (which made no difference, the drift was the same if set to 44.1 or 48khz, don't ask me why...).

Thing is, I have absolutely NO sync drift with a stupid dirt cheap Behringer UMC202HD audio interface on a different streaming setup, all is fine there, the stream sync, the monitor, everything works fine but I've got no mic to use with it, I have a device that costs four times the price of that f... Behringer Interface crap....

Checking it right now, after 15 minutes or so the monitor has drifted to ~300ms lag it's just ridiculous! Isn't there anything I can do about it?