RNNoise filter, applied to the mic audio track causes 1 1/3 second audio delay for ingame (computer) sound


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Hello there.
I've discovered recently that there's RNNoise filter which is working quite well, except that, when added to my mic's audio track, it causes computer audio to be delayed by approximately 1.3 seconds. This delay seems to be consistent and does not increase or decrease over time. My CPU or GPU are not maxed out either.

I'm using OBS Studio 64 bit version 26.0.2 on the latest stable version of Windows 10 64 bit. I've come up with a workaround of delaying everything else - the mic track and the video track by the same amount although I had to use 3 render delay filters cause they only delay by 500 ms at a time.

Could you do something to fix the issue properly?


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