noise filter

  1. D

    Chroma/Luma noise reduction filter

    As the title says, this kind of plugin on the video filters would be helpful and needed. I do see often that some cheaper/older webcams are prone for introducing a lot of chroma noise that is impossible to get rid of. There is plugins like these for video editors, so I bet that there is...
  2. S

    Pc noise not going away

    Hye! I have tried to adjust the filters of Audio Input capture. But the pc noise is not going away. Here is the video : Recorded video from Obs studio I have to explain lectures to students and I want to deliver a crystal clear voice to them. Please help! Regards!
  3. X

    Use filters on a recorded file?

    Hi, I love the noise supression algorithms for audio, the problem is I might record something in my video editor and I don't have those noise cancelation algorithms there, so right now the workaround is playing the audio and record the sound from windows while there could be a faster way...
  4. P

    Flip and sum audio filter

    This is a very simple audio filter plugin for OBS Studio which reduces noise by downmixing a stereo channel to a mono channel via difference. Noise which occurs on both channels (e.g. due to mains loops or inadequate shielding of the cables) will be cancelled. Obviously you want the signal to...
  5. LastofAvari

    RNNoise filter, applied to the mic audio track causes 1 1/3 second audio delay for ingame (computer) sound

    Hello there. I've discovered recently that there's RNNoise filter which is working quite well, except that, when added to my mic's audio track, it causes computer audio to be delayed by approximately 1.3 seconds. This delay seems to be consistent and does not increase or decrease over time. My...