Long Audio Delay Requirement


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I have a unique challenge in which I need more than 20sec of OBS audio delay in order to match my Video delay filters.
- Person approaching a podium indicates live event begins (very fluid), and the Operator starts the livestream encoding which also kicks off a 45sec bumper video.​
- Assuming the Video & Audio are appropriately sync'd and delayed 45sec, the livestream audience will catch some of the bumper, but should see the beginning of the event immediately following the video.​
The idea is to keep things tight for live, but primarily for VoD all in one motion (start button) which can accommodate multiple live platforms. This resolves the need to edit/trim out wasted anticipation of the fluid start or the need to add/reposition the bumper...not to mention little to no budget ;-)​
My background is professional livestreaming, so the the world of OBS is somewhat new to me.​
Side note: I'm planning to use Mac OS w/Stream Deck & Advanced Scene Switcher and willing (hopeful) to share development solution for anyone interested.​