Any HDMI capture cards you would recommend?


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Hello, I use OBS mainly to record gameplay footage, nothing too fancy. However, lately, my recordings have been having audio desync, and i am not sure why. i have messed with bitrates and audio delay so much to no avail that im ready to get rid of this cheap no brand composite capture card i bought on amazon and get a midrange HDMI capture card, expanding the range of games I can play. I have a composite to HDMI converter, so there shouldnt be any problems getting old consoles to work.
What would you recommend? I remember Elgato being one of the better brand of capture cards, but I am not so sure they make them anymore. I dont want to have the same problem happen again because i bought a cheap capture card from amazon, so i would really appreciate some feedback on what capture cards you would recommend for recording retro games. thank you!!!
I just came here to ask exactly the same thing, so I too would like a recommendation (rather than make a new thread). My story is..

I bought a Soomfon capture device on Amazon UK 18 months ago for £36 and it's been fine (smooth 1080p 50fps). Forward wind, and I've just bought the cheapest Sony camcorder as a second camera for OBS, so ordered a Ugreen capture card (only £14) and it's giving me dropped frames in the preview while camera 1 going through the Soomfon remains smooth. Swapped them over, and it's definitely isolated to the Ugreen. I think I went too cheap with it, but the Elgato 4K camlink is crazy expensive and Soomfon don't make their capture devices anymore and I can't find any. Boohoo. I need a good but affordable capture card please!


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I personally use BlackMagic cards for my OBS systems and have not had many issues with them. I have heard Elgato is good too, but as you said, pricey.