Intermittent Choppy Audio with Audio Application Capture


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Hi everyone,

I've been having a persistent issue with using Audio Application Capture to record audio to separate tracks for ease of editing. Throughout the footage the audio will inevitably end up sounding corrupted at times, while the non-application capture audio does not.

I have uploaded an example with tracks other than the gameplay muted here:

I use a Behringer UMC404HD interface and I do know that OBS has some issues with audio interfaces (my mic/audio cuts out for a half second every 30 minutes or so but as far as my research shows, it's a known issue and there's nothing I can do).

Is it possible that the audio interface is the culprit? My friend uses Application Capture without one and has no issues.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you!


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Do not use application audio capture or individual audio track capture. This is a well known problem. It will be fixed in Windows 11 23H2