OBS freezing on USB Camera's and no rtsp://receivability


New Member
Dear Support, I have been struggling for almost a week now trying to send video capture data over the LAN via-
rtsp://:8554/ on my local network from an XP machine to Ubuntu Zorin Menu Lite 11.0

I also tried to connect to a USB webcam but OBS freezes and becomes unresponsive, I have to force it to close by shutting down my Ubuntu system, I don't know whats wrong? It can connect to mobile phones via- and if I start them up first before OBS.

I have tried everything I can think of even UDP but all I get is a black screen and no audio coming through, I tried sending a Desktop capture from VLC on XP but it says no packets sent? if it was just a problem with VLC I might suspect it to be the problem, but I also tried sending data with other devices 2 separate webcams both cause OBS to freeze on me.

Is their a limitation with my Ubuntu Zorin Menu Lite 11.0 distro I am unaware of?

OBS version 25.0.8 (32bit)