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Hello, I have a situation where we have a 6x6 camera grid with 36 RTSP feeds coming into OBS. We want to broadcast one RTSP feed out to a TV using a raspberry pi hooked up to it. We got everything working but have noticed that over time (maybe 2-3 hours) some of the feeds (not all of them) will begin to slow down and will not be in real time (by slow down i mean like hours behind the other feeds)

For example, earlier this morning it was light outside, but a third of the cameras on screen still showed that it was nighttime. We are using the RTSP Server plugin to broadcast the stream locally to our network. It's running on x264 but only because these computers we have here in the office do not have dedicated GPUs.

Note: Even inside OBS where the preview section is, and you can see the camera grid, these videos are slowing down there as well. However, If I login to the UNVR software and pull up that camera's stream, its flawless and in real time.

Any ideas what could be happening?


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I use advanced scene switched plugin and have it setup to show source every 5-10 seconds on a timer, and toggle the source every 1-3 hours, which will restart the RTSP stream. I also run all of our cameras in different instances.