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    RTSP Feed Slows over time

    Hello, I have a situation where we have a 6x6 camera grid with 36 RTSP feeds coming into OBS. We want to broadcast one RTSP feed out to a TV using a raspberry pi hooked up to it. We got everything working but have noticed that over time (maybe 2-3 hours) some of the feeds (not all of them) will...
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    Streaming with IP camera

    I have a client who runs a cat rescue/sanctuary and wants to have a continuous live feed of the cats to her facebook page. I have no trouble setting up the facebook part but I can not find an option to use the IP address of the camera as my source. Is this even possible? All of this is "remote"...
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    Media source not working with an RSTP IP Cam

    I have an RSTP IP camera working just fine, namely with VLC: rtsp:// But I couldn’t get it work in OBS using a “Media Source” source. Yes, as a workaround I know I can use a “VLC Video Source” instead. But I still would like to...
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    streaming IP camera

    I managed to stream my IP camera with OBS. (by using 'rtsp://admin:password@IP:554/stream1' in MEDIA SOURCES). Now I'm looking for a way for someone to stream my IP camera from their place. Would that be even possible?
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    IP Camera input delay on audio without streaming

    Hello all, We are trying OBS Studio as possible replacement for our streaming application in our church. But we ran into a problem with audio-video out of sync. I would like to know if it is possible to delay the audio in presentation mode realtime, so without streaming or recording? And if so...
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    Lifesise Icon 500 with OBS ?

    I have the project to use an Icon 500 camera with OBS, I am new and I would like to know how to do it, could you help me and show me a method to get the Icon 500 camera video feed on OBS, I want to stream in good quality to Facebook live, here is my material: Lifesize Icon 500 Camera ...
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    Distortion when using RTSP within OBS

    Hi all, I have recently installed 4 IP PTZ cameras to livestream some events we have at my work, and I am getting some strange distortion of footage which I'm trying to nail down as to what the cause is, so I was wondering if anyone has had similar issues whilst doing a multi-camera production...
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    Question / Help Recommended Ip Cam for Livestream

    Hi All, (First Time poster ) I have a iGeek CT0261, and tried to access it via rtsp, but have yet to be able do that - although l am waiting from a response from iGeek. Can anybody recommend an IP Camera which is guaranteed and does to work with OBS that l can purchase? And an Amazon/ eBay...
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    Question / Help OBS preview lags when media source is rtsp IP camera stream

    Hello, Stream delay in OBS preview window is around 1.2 - 1.5 seconds. In reolink (that ip camera brand) client it is around 0.6-0.8 seconds. In ONVIF device manager ver 2..2.250 there is almost no delay like quarter of second or less. My target goal Is delay no more then half of second in...
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    Newbie adding IP Camera as source?

    Don't know where else to put this, or if this question is answered elsewhere. I've been googling for hours on OBS and can't seem to find an easy answer to my questions. Please feel free to move this to the right place, and point me to the answer. How many cameras feeds can OBS have? Is there a...