Question / Help Recommended Ip Cam for Livestream


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Hi All,

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I have a iGeek CT0261, and tried to access it via rtsp, but have yet to be able do that - although l am waiting from a response from iGeek.

Can anybody recommend an IP Camera which is guaranteed and does to work with OBS that l can purchase? And an Amazon/ eBay link to it.

The plan is to set it up remotely with a static IP Address, and then broadcast a livestream from OBS to a website (Church Events during the Pandemic). For the moment, l will be using my SmartPhone with the OBS Camera plugin, and a laptop - but would like to just leave the IP Cam in place accessible by a Server.




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I have in fact the same question, and the same reasons.
But would like to extend the question and we would like to use a PTZ camera.
Would be great to have different scenes, and different camera angles.