remote livestream

  1. CameraPro

    Free - Add Remote Video Feeds Into OBS

    Create In New Ways We want to bridge the gap between remote and in person content creation. Try It Out can be used to send video feeds directly into OBS Studio as a browser source. You can send one video feed with "Send Video" or create a room to pull in multiple video feeds for...
  2. lolozen

    a way to keep live stream online ?

    Hi I was looking for a way to display video on screens using some raspberries but I also wanted to display information over the video. So I thought about hosting a rmtp server on my local network then using the raspberries to have those videos wherever I want in my place. But I wanted the...
  3. fred_mackay

    SRT/RTMP to OBS Source from Larix Broadcaster

    Hey there! So I've read about 20 forum posts dating from 2015 to now which all have people asking the question "How do I use RTMP as a source for OBS" and most of them are looking to either: 1) Collect one or more RTMP sources on their local network and use them as a source on OBS or 2) Set up...
  4. C

    GoPro to OBS Remotely

    I was able to connect my GoPro to OBS via BlueTooth to my Mac. I was able to move freely on the stage to capture the church band performing live while live streaming: 1. Downloaded GoPro app to my iPad (It has to be on the IOS). iPad is used as a capture card 2. Connected GoPro Camera to iPad...
  5. S

    Question / Help Recommended Ip Cam for Livestream

    Hi All, (First Time poster ) I have a iGeek CT0261, and tried to access it via rtsp, but have yet to be able do that - although l am waiting from a response from iGeek. Can anybody recommend an IP Camera which is guaranteed and does to work with OBS that l can purchase? And an Amazon/ eBay...