1. Z

    Question / Help Quality of the video/stream is awful

    Hallo, recently i started making vids and trying to stream league of legends and mineraft. The quality of the vid/stream was really really bad, it didnt look sharp at all and it when, sometimes it lagged (not the stream, the video itself) or the strea/video wasnt smooth and you had a feel like...
  2. Y

    Question / Help I can't find the 'Text (GDI+)'!

    I was recently experimenting with StreamLabels and I need to use 'Text (GDI+)' to do it. I checked my sources and I don't see it. I am running OBS 20.1.0 for Mac.
  3. LtRoyalShrimp

    Optimize the Elgato Gaming HD60 S/HD60 Pro for OBS Studio

    Welcome. In this short guide, I will cover how to best setup the HD60 Pro in OBS, for maximum quality and low latency. - Use OBS Studio OBS-MP is a complete rewrite of OBS, which fixes many low level issues and has better optimizations. - Set the audio format to 48Khz The native audio...