Optimize the Elgato Gaming HD60 S/HD60 Pro for OBS Studio

Optimize the Elgato Gaming HD60 S/HD60 Pro for OBS Studio


In this short guide, I will cover how to best setup the HD60 Pro in OBS, for maximum quality and low latency.

- Use OBS Studio
  • OBS-MP is a complete rewrite of OBS, which fixes many low level issues and has better optimizations.

- Set the audio format to 48Khz
  • The native audio format of the HD60 Pro is 48Khz. OBS Studio by default is 44.1, which means there will be format conversion happening, which can result in audio delays, desync, chipmunk-like audio and other issues.
  • In OBS Studio, click on file, then settings
  • On the left side bar, click on Audio
  • From the "Sample Rate" drop down menu, choose 48khz"
  • Click apply and restart OBS Studio.

- Output audio to desktop
  • Some of you may want to listen to your console via the capture card running through your PC and OBS Studio.
  • Add your Elgato Game Capture card by adding a new "Video Capture Device" source
  • At the top of OBS Studio, click on Edit, then "Advanced Audio Properties"
  • Find the capture device you just added, it will have the same name as the source in the scene.
  • To the right, under audio monitoring there are two output options "Monitor and Output" and "Monitor only (Mute output)" Choose the one you need.

- Do not use "Custom resolution"
  • Forcing a resolution will result in stuttering and video freezes. Change the resolution in the device settings panel instead. There is virtually no reason to use any other resolution than 1080p anyways.
- The source of the HD60 Pro is called "Elgato Game Capture HD"
  • Do not select "Elgato helper device (Unavailable)". It simply wont work.

- Multiple HD60 Pros
  • This is supported by using the DirectShow driver and select "Elgato Game Capture HD60 Pro(Video)(#01)" and then for the consecutive devices (#02), (#03), etc.

- DirectShow driver

  • If you are experiencing issues with your HD60 S or Pro in OBS Studio, you can try using the DirectShow driver. Note: The DirectShow driver is not officially supported by Elgato Gaming.
  • Here's a guide -
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Latest reviews

I applied these settings to the Elgato HD60 with Chat Link and got it to work fine but it took some fiddling to get audio to work as I was trying to use a custom audio device thinking that I need that selected as well but what I needed was Desktop Audio.

To capture the audio from an Xbox One, I had to increase the Volume to 150% as it is to quiet otherwise. My analoge audio gain in the Elgato Game Capture software settings is 12dB.
great this worked pretty good. Looked everywhere for help with Elgato HD60 Pro but nothing worked. I kept getting major skips till using this and the OBS Studio.