1. T

    Zoom to OBS, but change OBS runner's camera

    Trying to help a friend. They have two web cams at their location, one is their face and the other is the overhead studio shot. They're running a Zoom meeting and want to capture that meeting since it auto changes faces depending on audio. They also want to be able to switch between their...
  2. K

    Obs virtual cam

    Windows 10 Running OBS 26.0.2 64 bit I installed the latest version of OBS Virtual Cam I am trying to be able to stream a zoom meeting, but all I ever get is either a gray screen or a white screen that displays the zoom controls, but not the guest on zoom. It shows the zoom control but a solid...
  3. T

    Record only the sound from your source

    Hello! I record only window from my sources, for example I record Zoom, Webex, MS Teams, but when a sound is heard from other sources it is also recorded. For example the sounds from viber, notifications from Windows or when I receive a call from messenger or Skype. How to fix that?
  4. T

    Need some help

    I am a newbie and here is what I want to achieve using OBS. I have a Zoom Webinar to which I want to take the audio feed and stream it to a Webex Event. I am aware of Virtual Cables but not sure how to set them up so I can get it to work the way I want. Any advise/tip would be much appreciated.
  5. C

    OBS visual blurry/pixelated when linked to Zoom

    Hi, I am using OBS to broadcast a livestream event (live video stream and presentation slides) on zoom. Even though the image quality is HD on OBS, the livestream turns blurry and pixelated when being streamed and viewed on zoom. Is there any way to solve this issue? I have tried optimising the...
  6. O

    Can I run Syphon twice simultaneously?

    Is there a way I can run Syphon twice at the same time? Basically, what I'm trying to do: Take video from Zoom, real time manipulate it, and send it back into Zoom. I have the relevant video pinned in Zoom, am using NDIScanConverter/NDIVirtualInput/NDISyphon to pipe that video into QLab, where...
  7. L

    using Zoom in OBS with an atem mini and rodecaster.

    Help! All the gear andf NO idea!! I'm trying to use OBS to record my Zoom calls, but the Atem mini will only display video in OBS or Zoom. I can't get the video running in both. I've been mousing around for hours trying to figure it..... Can anybody help? Please Thanks :)
  8. A

    No audio output from video

    I just installed OBS and the Virtual Cam on my Windows 10 computer. The ultimate goal is to use the virtual camera in Zoom, and seamlessly transition from camera to pre-recorded videos. Everything works great, except the pre-recorded videos have no audio in OBS or Zoom. Volume is all the way up...
  9. B

    OBS Virtual Cam x NDI

    Hi! Anyone has tested which option outputs more video quality? I'm about to stream a Zoom event, so i can choose between: A) OBS Virtual Cam (native, not plugin) + Virtual Cable for audio B) NewTek NDI video + Line (NewTek NDI Audio) Thanks!
  10. qmanning

    Using OBS Audio Output as an Audio Source for Zoom, GTM, Meet, etc.

    I've tried a dozen different solutions for this, and I'm just confused. From iShowU to VB Cable and more, I don't know how to do this, and just feel silly at this point. 1. I'm using a Canon SL3 Rebel as my Camera 2. It's connected via a capture card so that I can get the feed (works well) 3...
  11. R

    Splitting OBS Audio output to Zoom and Restream

    Hi, not sure if this has already been solved (hopefully it has). I have had a quick scour through the forum and haven't been able to find the answers I am looking for. I'm very new to OBS as this is my first job using the software. Basically i have a setup of 6 cameras and several Mics going...
  12. D

    output audio

    INGLESE Mi scuso se non parlo perfettamente l'inglese. il mio problema è che vorrei utilizzare il mio microfono su una piattaforma per conferenze (ZOOM). c'è un modo per "passare" anche l'audio del microfono da OBS? fammi spiegare: OBS ti permette di creare un microfono in uscita su Zoom, in...
  13. S

    Broadcast a Zoom Call with Audio

    Hi there, I'm having a hard time connecting a zoom call to OBS. I'm getting the video fine but not the audio. I'm running OBS 26.0.0 on Catalina 10.15.6. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. C

    Capturing audio file in OBS and sending it to Zoom, while recording Zoom audio in OBS.

    Hello! This is more of a "Am I right in trying to do it this way" and "If there's a simpler way, please let me know" kind of question. My team is doing a live play of sorts, where we are using Zoom to bring actors and sound design to OBS, which we then live stream to Twitch. So right now, my set...
  15. DasKraut

    Very Specific Audio Issue (Avid NDI, to OBS, to Zoom... no audio unless I spoof)

    Hey, folks. TL,DR: How do I get audio, sent to OBS from Avid NDI, out of OBS to Zoom on a Mac without including the computer audio as well? I've spent the entire weekend trying to get OBS to live stream my Avid Media Composer video output using NDI (built in to Avid) with audio. I'm on a Mac...
  16. Y

    Audio distortion in OBS to Zoom - using VirtualCam and VB Cable

    Hi! I run my UU church's Zoom services on Sunday mornings. I also work at a theatre that does Zoom theatre, so my stage manager helped me get set up. I'm using OBS with the Virtual Cam plugin in order to cast my OBS to the Zoom meeting. I do this to share videos of music, hymns, and children's...
  17. B

    Help needed for a live stream with multiple microphones and zoom

    Hi, I'm planning a live stream on Youtube where our host and I will be sitting in a studio. We have a Sony camera with 2 microphones plugged in it. The camera is connected to the computer by HDMI cable and a USB dongle. So I have one camera and 2 audio going in OBS. What I would like is to call...
  18. A

    OBS VirtualCam "Failed to start output"

    So I use OBS for Google Meet and Zoom, and it has been working for the past few weeks. Then all of a sudden, VirtualCam stops working on OBS Camera 1. It works on the other cameras, but I can't use them for the Google Meet/Zoom. Log File: https://obsproject.com/logs/-txemlAmNf8gqXSp
  19. T

    Video input placement

    Hi, I currently use Zoom to host youtube show with 3 others but I have seen some videos and live streams where they have all the people on the call separated in the scene with a branded background (see attached for example) Is it possible to still use zoom and split the 4 different videos up...
  20. T

    Space out video Windows

    Hi, I currently use Zoom to host youtube show but I have seen some videos and live streams where they have all the people on the call separated in the scene with a branded background. Is it possible to still use zoom and split the 4 different videos up or is there another way i can do this...