re (routing / positioning / sizing) video output


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Hello !

I don't know if it is the right place to post this question

My problem:

In a zoom meeting consisting of two people (myself +1) , the only layout supported is "side by side" (I mean without changing the dimensions of the video)

this is causing lack of eye contact with the camera.

If there is any way to position the video in a "top & bottom" layout (again without changing it's dimensions), I feel that the eye contact issue can be mitigated, as the videos will be somewhat centered

This is what I thought of : Monitor the individual video displays shown in zoom and send it to another app where the layout can be adjusted accordingly

Can anyone kindly provide a solution ? (if any)



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You can cast the preview of your stream to a second monitor with a windowed OBS projector and position both the camera and the window on the monitor as near as possible to each other, so it enables eye contact.

It also could help if you position yourself not directly in front of your monitor and camera, but at a certain distance. The more distance between you and the display of your partner on screen, the less visible is your head looking not directly into the camera.