Camera crashes (and turns pixely grey) during Zoom Webinar


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Hi All,

I'm unable to find any info on this specific issue so hopefully someone knows what's happening here.

We were a good hour into a webinar hosted on Zoom and suddenly the OBS feed "crashed". The OBS screen became a pixelated grey (screenshot of how it looked on the recording is attached. I didn't get a screenshot of OBS itself but it was basically normal old OBS with the attached image as its screen). This, in turn, caused all screens in Zoom to appear the same way (even the 3rd party screens, though I later realised that was only on our end and everyone else only saw our camera pixelate). I have attached a screenshot of this as well, though it's of after I disabled our camera which seemed to fix the presenter's camera but not his share screen.

Please also see the log for the session attached. I note a lot of error warnings in it that maybe someone else can make more sense of.

  • Scene included webcam and microphone input only (due to this I am unsure if it affected the whole scene or just the webcam input)
  • Virtual Camera was on and feeding into Zoom (webinar account)
    • Zoom setup was us showing our camera and a 3rd party connecting from elsewhere and sharing their screen
  • Recording was on
Would anyone know how this occurred? I wouldn't be surprised if it was something I've done.


  • 2021-03-10 12-03-23-Crash.txt
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For future reference I think I found the cause,

The assets I was using were hosted on sharepoint (they were downloaded and linked via the C Drive but sharepoint nonetheless). When I moved all the assets locally and then relinked them the issue stopped (as noted in the log) and seems fine so far.

I found it very handy to have the current log open while troubleshooting this as I was then able to see when the errors occurred in realtime. I'm still unsure why it happened with a scene that wasn't using any of them but perhaps because it's set not to unload when done it was still trying to call them.