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Hi all,

I was wondering if it is possible to get a "Virtual Desktop" as a selectable option in Teams (or Zoom, Webex, Lync, etc.), where you can use the output of OBS in it. I have already found a thread from 2020 //

And tried to follow the instructions, unfortunately Windows doesn`t allow me to use the output for Teams.

To explain what I did:

- I created a new secondary virtual desktop in Windows

- Started OBS in this instance

- Launched the full screen preview for my secondary screen

- Set OBS to my primary screen

- Switched back to the primary desktop

- Started a Teams call and wanted to share either the secondary monitor of the secondary desktop or the full screen preview in the "Window" option in Teams

Unfortunately none of the options worked for me.

Does anyone have another idea // plugin // programm or workaround for getting the output from OBS directly into Teams? - without the Virtualcam option, which - as the name suggests - is only for your cam


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The virtualcam option is not only for your camera. It takes the OBS preview and provides it as a "webcam" for other applications to use. The virtualcam does what you want already, so this is what you should use.