ms teams

  1. I

    OBS Virtual Camera doesn't work in Microsoft Teams

    For some reason, the Microsoft Teams Virtual Camera prevents you from using the OBS Virtual Camera. The problem is that the organization I work for only uses Microsoft Teams and this has caused a lot of inconvenience.
  2. tbenjamin

    MS Teams Live event and OBS

    Hi! I'm doing a hybrid event with both physical and digital attendance in a couple of weeks. The event will be planned, organized and executed using MS Teams Live events. I'm using OBS Studio to do intro posters, corner bug, overlays and to control pre-recorded content that is part of the...
  3. dtc-united

    Using OBS as a virtual display in Teams

    Hi all, I was wondering if it is possible to get a "Virtual Desktop" as a selectable option in Teams (or Zoom, Webex, Lync, etc.), where you can use the output of OBS in it. I have already found a thread from 2020 //
  4. I

    Stream Freeze while broadcasting MS Teams meetings

    Hey, I'm using OBS to stream a live event on youtube. The event will have two camera feeds. These are both working fine. However, it also involves streaming a remote call on MS Teams. In testing, any time I switch to the browser to check how the stream is going, OBS freezes the video from...
  5. rhniam

    Is it possible to record in ms teams while doing something else?

    Is there any solution for recording ms teams course while reading pdf files or open chrome?
  6. G

    OBSSTUDIO stream to MS Teams very slow and freezes (since version 27.1.1? )

    OBSSTUDIO stream to MS Teams is very slow and freezes on certain events. It was perfect for a year. I did not change anything (as far as I know). This problem is not only on my computer but also on that of my brother who has an identical setup. How I use OBS I use obsstudio/ ms teams to...
  7. ricardoteixxeira

    NDI issue with Microsoft Teams

    I've tried to do a straming with OBS (NDI plugin) and Microsoft Teams. I've followed all the steps to allow NDI on Teams and it shows is running. But when I go to OBS and try to add a new Source > NDI I'm not able to choose anything from MS Teams. The MS Teams even appear there. When I try with...