OBSSTUDIO stream to MS Teams very slow and freezes (since version 27.1.1? )


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OBSSTUDIO stream to MS Teams is very slow and freezes on certain events. It was perfect for a year. I did not change anything (as far as I know).

This problem is not only on my computer but also on that of my brother who has an identical setup.

How I use OBS

I use obsstudio/ ms teams to give online workshops.
  • COMPUTER 1 (broadcasting)
  • OBS Scene containing powerpoint and webcam
  • I stream to MS TEAMS by sharing the “Fullscreen projector” or “Projector screen” in MS teams.
  • The microphone is selected directly in MS TEAMS
  • COMPUTER 2 (fake student)
  • MS TEAMS to check if everything is correct

This worked perfect for the last year. It was fast and I had No sync problems between video and audio.
I did not use this setup for about 2 months and now I have a workshop and it does not work correctly anymore.
  • The video and audio in OBS Studio itself is fast
  • The video in MS TEAMS is very slow and not fluent. I think that the video is 1 to 2 seconds slower than the audio
  • But sometimes the video is fast again, I did not figure out yet in which conditions
  • If my mouse hovers over an icon in the windows taskbar that has multiple windows open, the stream in MS Teams freezes (still image). When I move the mouse away from this icon it imediatelly starts again
  • Sometimes it is fast again, but when I start the task manager by ctrl+alt+del, first the stream in ms teams stops and after that the delay is back. When I stop the task manager the delay remains.
  • If I select obs virtual cam as my webcam in teams, this works great. There is no problem. So the problem seems only related to shared screen. But for my setup it is essential to work using the share-screen (obs projector) construction.
I did not make any changes to obsstudio settings or ms teams of windows settings. But windows 10 and MS teams will have been updated automatically.

I have manually upgraded to obsstudio 27.1.1. but I do not know it that is the cause of the problems.

As mentioned in the beginning. My brother has the same problem on his computer, with the same hardware and same setup. So it is not someting that I have accidentaly changed on my computer.

The hardware usage is normal:

Processor 40%
Memory 35%
Disk 0%
Network 2%
GPU 57%
Internet speed (Down 60 Mbps) (Up 26,5 Mbs)

So it seems no performance issue.

Does anyone have an idea?

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Having slow video issue. Was fast, slow now. I did get rid of a few things in the scene and get most of the delay reduced.

George Parker

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Thanks for posting this. and adding all of the details. I did a lot of online shows for clients via TEAMS during COVID. No problems at all.
over the last few months I'm freezing. When I turn off OBS the problem goes away. Since I have built extensive scenes in OBS, work with multiple cameras in my mini greenscreen studio to produce exciting shows and performances, the production value goes down to about 20%.
I don't have any problems in ZOOM by the way.
Which probably means it's a Microsoft problem. (I remember that they didn't even recoginze the OBS virtual camera at one point; but that got fixed)