1. T

    1+ second audio delay on Elgato HD60X outputting to desktop audio

    I use the projector window in OBS to stream to a small Discord server with some friends. Because I'm streaming the projector window, the only way for me to play audio on the Discord stream is to set my capture device to output desktop audio. Unfortunately I'm seeing a 1+ second delay on audio...
  2. Kibok

    Exclude source from the projector

    Hello ! I'm in charge of a small studio made for student broadcast. I would like to show to the people in the studio the overlays (like countdowns, pictures, videos, scores) but I don't want them to see the cameras. My workflow would be to send the program preview to the TV in the studio with...
  3. D

    Define a shortcut to activate Windowed projector (Source)

    Does it exist some way (shortcut, script, extension, whatever) in order to activate the windowed projector through some keypress? My final purpose is to do some automations with ahk.
  4. G

    OBSSTUDIO stream to MS Teams very slow and freezes (since version 27.1.1? )

    OBSSTUDIO stream to MS Teams is very slow and freezes on certain events. It was perfect for a year. I did not change anything (as far as I know). This problem is not only on my computer but also on that of my brother who has an identical setup. How I use OBS I use obsstudio/ ms teams to...
  5. P

    Projector Output Flashing Desktop

    I'm trying to setup OBS to work in place of Livestream Studio which has a few more advanced features than OBS (OBS has one feature that nobody else seems to be able to do: changing bitrate mid-stream if necessary, invaluable for us sif we can get OBS to fully work). The biggest lacking...
  6. X

    FullScreen Projector Resolution

    How do I configure the resolution to 1920x1080p instead of 1280x720p? Both my laptop and external display has a resolution of 1920x1080p. Thank U
  7. DavidKMagnus

    OBS Lua Projector Hotkeys 1.3.0

    This script allows the user to set hotkeys to open full screen projectors for the Program view, Multiview, and for each scene. After loading the script, choose a monitor for each output. The monitors are numbered by your operating system, but can also be viewed by right-clicking on a scene and...
  8. G

    Projecting on outside LED Screen on startup

    Hello everyone! I have an urge to project videos and images on LED Screen, but I cannot setup any type of programs that would accept video/image playlist + screen/window capture. I have few videos and images and I have application that runs full screen on startup, and I need to run something...
  9. juny1209

    Auto fullscreen preview projector

    Hello. I use OBS as information screen like the picture attached. So, I use only preview instead of record and broadcast. Every computer turning on, I start OBS and click preview fullscreen. Starting OBS can be sat by task scheduler. but preview fullscreen can't be automatic. fullscreen preview...
  10. J

    Question / Help Any way to have a second output/program available to transition to?

    I've been using OBS Studio to manage a stream for a small church group. In addition to the program output sent to the viewers, there is a local display that receives a different output from OBS sources (Bible verses, lyrics, etc.). Right now, I just right-click on a the respective scene and...
  11. W

    Question / Help Projector not showing on secondary monitor

    I'm still pretty new to OBS so bare with me. I have a second monitor that I had the program screen showing on. It filled the second monitor completely. When I was done I shut everything down. Now, a few days later, when I right click on the program screen and choose the second monitor it shows...
  12. Sichvot

    Question / Help OBS with preview enabled problem and workaround.

    Not sure If this is a bug or something else I am missing. When I run OBS on the SAME monitor I am previewing this does not occur, however, if I move OBS with preview enabled to a Second monitor I have slowed video playback on YouTube and other various media sites, which then the video jumps...
  13. J

    Question / Help Don't close projector

    Hi, I would like to block pojector mode to avoid close it. I use this software in a telemedicine application and we would like our customers cannot eliminate projector mode. It is possible? Thank you in advance!
  14. A

    Question / Help Project to third monitor

    Im setting up a small recording place, and i need to project the stream to the third monitor, so i can see the "final result" on a monitor infront of me. I can do this by right clicking the screen and selecting project to monitor, but i have to do that every time, so if i want to let somebody...
  15. D

    Question / Help No audio in projector mode

    I am using the latest version of OBS Studio. When I right click on the output screen in studio mode, I select an HDMI monitor for the output. The video shows just fine, but there is no audio. Am I missing a setting some where? BTW, when I connect my camera (HDMI output) to the monitor, the...