Exclude source from the projector


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Hello !
I'm in charge of a small studio made for student broadcast. I would like to show to the people in the studio the overlays (like countdowns, pictures, videos, scores) but I don't want them to see the cameras.

My workflow would be to send the program preview to the TV in the studio with the ATEM video source hidden so they see everything besides them. The only problem is that it seems not possible to hide a source only in the projector. I looked into the API of OBS and the projector doesn't seems to have a lot of toggles, but maybe someone with more knownlege of the API know a trick.

Right now, the thing I do is to send a 'projector' scene with differents elements I want to show them but it's a pain to set up especially because I have many different shows with many differnent OBS collections.. The other workaround I see would be to stream with my ATEM mini and only use OBS as a HDMI source to add overlays, but it would change my whole worflow and seems overkill for such a QoL feature..

TLDR : Is it possible to have/make a script to hide a source in the program projector, please ?

Thanks for your input !


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I haven't tried this myself, but maybe it works?:
  1. Make a scene that has everything you want on the projector, and nothing else.
  2. Make another scene that has the first scene as a source, plus everything else to broadcast.
  3. In the broadcast scene, right-click the scene source -> Projector...

You can also right-click the scene itself -> Projector... Then you could have a completely independent layout by duplicating everything instead of the hierarchy.