full-screen projector preview

  1. Kibok

    Exclude source from the projector

    Hello ! I'm in charge of a small studio made for student broadcast. I would like to show to the people in the studio the overlays (like countdowns, pictures, videos, scores) but I don't want them to see the cameras. My workflow would be to send the program preview to the TV in the studio with...
  2. J

    Choose a different key for closing the full screen and windowed previews

    Whenever you use the full screen and the windowed projector previews, if you hit the "ESC / ESCAPE" key, the preview will be closed. This is really a problem if you are capturing PowerPoint presentations, which use the same key to close them. So, if you accidentally click on the OBS preview and...
  3. R

    How to loop through 16K res videos that VLC source can't play?

    Hello, I use OBS' 'projector preview' output to display videos on a merged projector system. The VLC source (and VLC by itself outside of OBS) won't play these videos because I assume they have such a strange resolution ~(15,000 x 1000). The inbuilt 'media source' can though. Not sure why...
  4. R

    'Save projectors on exit' only works 2/3rds of the time

    Heya, I use OBS to loop videos on a screen. The computer is remotely started up/shut down, but once about every 3 times OBS will start up and not start up the fullscreen projector window with it. So I have to go into it and project to fullscreen again. OBS does start with Windows, and 'save...
  5. juny1209

    Auto fullscreen preview projector

    Hello. I use OBS as information screen like the picture attached. So, I use only preview instead of record and broadcast. Every computer turning on, I start OBS and click preview fullscreen. Starting OBS can be sat by task scheduler. but preview fullscreen can't be automatic. fullscreen preview...
  6. codemann8

    [Feature Request] Larger Preview in Studio Mode

    I really like Studio Mode, however, the preview is too small to fine tune some of the changes to the sources. I am currently using the Projector mode for the Live view, it'd be nice to have the option of either hiding the Live view when Projector mode is active, so that the Preview can occupy...
  7. J

    Question / Help Don't close projector

    Hi, I would like to block pojector mode to avoid close it. I use this software in a telemedicine application and we would like our customers cannot eliminate projector mode. It is possible? Thank you in advance!
  8. B

    Bug Report 22.0.2 fullscreen projector preview on top even when disabled

    since this *bug fix* patch. I had to roll back to 22.0.1 I occasionally alt tab through windows when gaming off the preview fullscreen projector like its a borderless window I can put things in front of. Preferring them to be over my game when inactive or looking up guides/forums. But with this...
  9. J

    Question / Help Moving Fullscreen projector output

    Not sure if it is a bug, but when I try to output a scene or program as a Fullscreen projection, it always appears on display 0, and only changes the overall resolution of the output when I select different displays. How can I get a program/scene monitor out fullscreen to another display...
  10. B

    Question / Help Full-screen projector preview off centre

    Hi, My full-screen projector preview is off-centre (on the Y-axis) and I need it for a presentation tomorrow. Can anyone help? Thanks