[Feature Request] Larger Preview in Studio Mode


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I really like Studio Mode, however, the preview is too small to fine tune some of the changes to the sources. I am currently using the Projector mode for the Live view, it'd be nice to have the option of either hiding the Live view when Projector mode is active, so that the Preview can occupy more space.

Alternatively, it would be useful if you use Projector mode on the preview but having the ability to make changes (click and drag) ON the full screen view.

Basically, any time you use Projector mode, it seems like a silly waste of space to leave the original view where it is, that space is better to be occupied with either the other view or if both sides are Projected out, to not show either and slim down the OBS UI to just the bottom bar (and the middle transition portion).


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As I understand it, most users find the Edit Transform tool to be more useful to fine-tuning positioning/sizing.


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The edit transform part doesn't help my ability to SEE the small preview screen. I can barely even see what's selected with some of the overlays and small text on my screen.