1. G

    OBS Recordings Lagging Heavily in VEGAS PRO 15 While Previewing Compared to Nvidia Shadowplay Recordings

    These are my settings for OBS recordings: I own a Acer Predator Helios gaming laptop (the 2022 build) which has a RTX 3070 Ti and a 1440p Screen with a refresh rate of 165hz, and I usually record gaming videos and footages to later edit in Vegas Pro 15. About three months ago, I got into...
  2. D

    Help, please! I can't edit my recording from OBS.

    Every time I save my recording, I can't edit my recording using Windows photos app. I keep getting this error message: "It looks like you don't have permission to save changes to this file." I have attached my setting to this post. I am able to edit videos from my nvidia geforce so windows...
  3. I

    Zoom in to edit details

    is there any way to zoom in while editing your scene to look at it more closely and to add details? Kinda like zooming in on a drawing or something?
  4. G

    Converting all 6 tracks of MKV audio to 6 different MP3 files

    I’ve been editing with a program that does not support MKV or MP4 files with all of the tracks separated. I was able to live with this until one of my recordings had audio issues. I’m now trying my best to convert each track into it’s own mp3 file for it to be completely compatible with my...
  5. Cheeto64

    How do I make a video that is this long?

    This video is -647369238 or something long and its 6 megabytes how Video Also, If you upload it to discord it has negative time?
  6. L

    Best Editor For OBS Recording (audio specific)

    Anyone got recommendations for the best editor for OBS videos recorded with 2 separate audio tracks ( gaming and commentary). i need the recording to show up as 2 separate audio tracks on the timeline, so I can make changes to each. Any help out there?
  7. A

    mp4 Multiple Audio Tracks import to Premiere Pro not working

    Yeah, what the title says. Not exactly sure whats happening, but i'm 100% sure that all the tracks are set correctly to be recorded separately. Like I'll play the different audio streams on PotPlayer and can hear them all solo. But when I import the mp4 file to premiere, i'll only see the...
  8. StreamPanel

    Question / Help Recording for Final Cut Pro X import / editing?

    This is not about streaming, but about recording. This means filesize doesnt matter. The problem is that OBS records files that are not FCPX friendly for editing. It either makes an flv that I have to remux (and is very laggy in FCPX due to compression), or makes large AVI files that wont even...
  9. codemann8

    [Feature Request] Larger Preview in Studio Mode

    I really like Studio Mode, however, the preview is too small to fine tune some of the changes to the sources. I am currently using the Projector mode for the Live view, it'd be nice to have the option of either hiding the Live view when Projector mode is active, so that the Preview can occupy...
  10. F

    Question / Help Process for editing OBS recordings and making Youtube videos from them?

    Ok so here is my short story: I started playing a game I really like but takes a lot of skill to beat a week ago. I figured that it would be smart to record myself playing so that I can A. prove I actually beat the levels and B. See the skill it took to beat them. I now have about 7 VLC media...
  11. A

    Question / Help Trying to learn

    Hello all, I am trying to learn how to record and edit gameplay videos. I think I have OBS set up correctly, however the files are .flv and VLC player won't open them correctly so I can not test if what I recorded worked. Is there a way without buying adobe software to view and edit these...
  12. T

    Question / Help Editing OBS footage: Adobe Premiere Elements and OBS video glitching

    So... Whenever I capture video from my PC using OBS and import the video to Adobe Premiere Elements, I get a few weird issues. One is that it will make frames reds if i split the clip, or place a title (text over it). The next a more infuriating problem is that the clip will randomly play at a...