Question / Help Process for editing OBS recordings and making Youtube videos from them?


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Ok so here is my short story:
I started playing a game I really like but takes a lot of skill to beat a week ago. I figured that it would be smart to record myself playing so that I can A. prove I actually beat the levels and B. See the skill it took to beat them. I now have about 7 VLC media player files of my gameplay, and now I have no idea what to do. My main goal is to-
1. Be able to edit the videos so that I can have only the moments where I beat the level and not the hundreds of deaths
2. Transfer the shortened videos to my phone
3. Upload the videos to youtube and edit them accordingly
Just this afternoon I tried to edit one of the vidoes using Lightworks, but it was kind of confusing, and I was met with a glaring problem; for some reason, during the process of converting the video into an MP4, the video was now about 1.5x the original speed.
My main question is if someone can just go step-by-step through the processes of the things I listed above, because I don't like spending time editing due to the fact it takes away time I could be playing
Thanks :3
Log file thingy-