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  1. MarzipanPixel

    Max fps in several games but recording / stream sometimes very laggy

    Hello ^^ I've been having the problem of my games lagging when I'm streaming (CS:GO, Overwatch 2), so I made a recording to see if it was my internet speed or something else. My games are all working fine, I have maximum fps (capped to 144 since my monitor has 144hz) and it doesn't go below that...
  2. T

    Mobile Streaming Help

    Hello, does anyone know how to stream mobile games, I want to capture clean game audio, but also instead of using my phone microphone, use my blue yeti, and also have my face cam connected. Can this be set up using OBS Studio? Or can anyone direct me to a place that can help me set this up...
  3. U


    Hey Everyone. I'm completely new in creating videos, I want to be able to create and share video gaming content on my YouTube channel. I was watching some videos on YouTube like "how to set the best settings in OBS for gaming" and I set everything exactly like it was on the videos, then I went...
  4. G

    Question / Help Encoding Error Overload on Gaming PC?

    Hi guys! I'm hoping someone can help! I record Sims 4 Let's Play's for Youtube and use Camtasia Studio 8 to edit these videos, but OBS to record. I'm running an i-5 8400, 8gb of RAM (Another 8 is on it's way) I have the GTX 1060 (3GB) and a 500GB SSD 1TB HDD. My game is installed on my SSD...
  5. A

    Question / Help OBS lagging when recording

    I got a new computer in November '18. I now cannot record my games without the recording lagging. The game itself does not lag, but the recording does. I try to play Overwatch and if I play in the practice range, there's hardly any lag in the video, but if I play online it just crashes and stays...
  6. F

    Question / Help Process for editing OBS recordings and making Youtube videos from them?

    Ok so here is my short story: I started playing a game I really like but takes a lot of skill to beat a week ago. I figured that it would be smart to record myself playing so that I can A. prove I actually beat the levels and B. See the skill it took to beat them. I now have about 7 VLC media...
  7. T

    Question / Help Add camera to record

    I just started using this program and no matter how many vids I view, I cannot figure out how to change the default hp cam and use my own camera to record on obs. How do I record my desktop and myself like on the youtube gaming videos?