Max fps in several games but recording / stream sometimes very laggy


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Hello ^^
I've been having the problem of my games lagging when I'm streaming (CS:GO, Overwatch 2), so I made a recording to see if it was my internet speed or something else. My games are all working fine, I have maximum fps (capped to 144 since my monitor has 144hz) and it doesn't go below that in Overwatch for example where I made my test recording, but the recording itself is really laggy and I don't know why. I hope someone can help me here because I just wanna stream my games without lag and I don't know what to do :((
I have a Geforce 3060 ti and a Ryzen 5600x so I think my PC is good enough to capture my game without lags, for example when I make clips with Geforce Experience it doesn't lag at all !!
Here is my log from the session where I made the test recording:
Edit: please don't tell me to update obs i already did so after i made this entry and it didn't change anything...


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