Question / Help OBS with preview enabled problem and workaround.


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Not sure If this is a bug or something else I am missing.

When I run OBS on the SAME monitor I am previewing this does not occur, however, if I move OBS with preview enabled to a Second monitor I have slowed video playback on YouTube and other various media sites, which then the video jumps ahead on the timeline to 'catch up' to the current audio (audio is not affected by this slow down of video). This slowdown is occurring outside of OBS in both Google Chrome and Firefox (likely other browsers as well).. (You do not have to be recording or streaming for this to happen either, just having OBS running with preview enabled is enough.)
If I disable the preview window or move OBS back to my main monitor the video playback from YouTube is back to normal. (the preview canvas and both projector modes do the same thing. must disable all preview type options on the second monitor.)

However, I have found a workaround for this issue which allows me to use the preview and projector options again on the second monitor...

- Open the properties of the OBS shortcut and adding the argument '--allow-opengl' to the target line
- Enabling OpenGL instead of Direct3D 11 in the OBS settings-advanced tab
- Restart OBS Studio

This is not an ideal solution, but does allow preview to work, which is where hopefully our community has a better solution for me/us.

My work around is provided for anyone else having this issue and needs some kind of 'quick fix' solution.

Log files attached.. I doubt they'll help.


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