1. G

    Using OBS as virtual cam on whatsapp

    Hello, i wanna ask about using OBS as a virtual cam on whatsapp video call. i'm a teacher and i use whatsapp video call for 1-1 teaching lesson online. but everytime i use obs as a virtual cam, it'll be appear as a landscape instead of vertical on my student phone. i've tried to change the...
  2. V

    20 virtual cams on OBS?! Is it possible?

    I need for my work 20 virtual cams. Is it possible to create more that 5? All I could do - to download sone plugin and it added 4 virtual cams to obs, but I need more… Help me please
  3. matsrom

    Virtual Cam not showing in any app

    Hi everyone! I just installed OBS (v27.2.4) and f virtual cam (v2.0.5) on a clean Windows 10 Pro installation. When I start the virtual webcam and I go to any other app like the windows camera, the virtual camera isn´t showing as an option (it shows an error because the actual cam is being used...
  4. M

    Configuration of the obs VirtualCam to be displayed in the device manager (needed for the android emulator)

    I need to use a virtual camera on an android emulator, is there any option for a virtual camera to be displayed in the device manager so that I can use it or maybe is there any App that will allow that?
  5. D

    Is there any way to use 2 virtualcams ?

    Hi there, is there any way to execute 2 virtuals cams for 2 differents scenes? I mean I need to stay on google meet for a meeting but I don't need to speak, just listen, and the same time i need to be on Zoom on another meeting but in this case I will have to speak for a conference. What I...
  6. J

    Problem running Virtual cam with new MacOS M1-Mac Mini system

    Problem running Virtual cam with new MacOS M1-Mac Mini system. The virtual cam through OBS 27.0.1 is not working. Do I need to download the newest OBS Virtual Cam software? If so, can someone please poste the direct link to download this latest OBSVirtual Cam software for my M1 Mac Mini/OBS...
  7. M

    Virtual Camera not working anywhere, plz help.

    Hi, newbie here! Here's the thing: I want to use OBS only for the virtual camera, and when I click on "Start Virtual Cam", it looks like is running well on OBS but nothing happens in the other app (Webex, Teams, Zoom...). I can select OBS as webcam in the other apps, but I can only see a picture...
  8. Y

    No Start Virtual Camera under Tool

    I just installed OBS 26.1.2 on Mac. After I started the app, and selected using virtual camera only, there is no "Start Virtual Camera" under the "Tool". Can anyone help? Do I need to install virtual camera? I think 26.1 should come with the virtual camera?
  9. P

    virtualcam-uninstall.bin doesn't work.

    I tried to use the uninstall bin file for the virtualcam and all it did was load up that exit. I am still having problems with it. Every time I try and use my web cam in Chrome or messager it goes right to the virtualcam and will not let me change it to the web cam I have. Please help??????
  10. F

    Which version of OBS do I need to use the Virtual cam plugin?

    I'm running Mac 10.11 El Capitan so I have to use OBS 24.0.2 (I believe this is the best option for me anyway). I downloaded Virtual Cam plugin for mac from here in order to run it into Skype. But when I select virtualcam in the skype...
  11. D

    How to set up OBS VirtualCam?

    Ayo, can anybody help me with setting up OBS virtualcam? I watched so many tutorials on YouTube, but i still don't know how. I found that i have to click on 'VirtualCam' in tools. Then it starts streaming and I can choose this cam. But I don't have this option there. There is screenshot...
  12. B

    OBS Virtual Cam x NDI

    Hi! Anyone has tested which option outputs more video quality? I'm about to stream a Zoom event, so i can choose between: A) OBS Virtual Cam (native, not plugin) + Virtual Cable for audio B) NewTek NDI video + Line (NewTek NDI Audio) Thanks!
  13. DasKraut

    Very Specific Audio Issue (Avid NDI, to OBS, to Zoom... no audio unless I spoof)

    Hey, folks. TL,DR: How do I get audio, sent to OBS from Avid NDI, out of OBS to Zoom on a Mac without including the computer audio as well? I've spent the entire weekend trying to get OBS to live stream my Avid Media Composer video output using NDI (built in to Avid) with audio. I'm on a Mac...
  14. A

    OBS VirtualCam "Failed to start output"

    So I use OBS for Google Meet and Zoom, and it has been working for the past few weeks. Then all of a sudden, VirtualCam stops working on OBS Camera 1. It works on the other cameras, but I can't use them for the Google Meet/Zoom. Log File:
  15. R

    VirtualCam not showing up in zoom

    I hit start for the virtualcam, but the camera is not showing up as an option in Zoom for a camera.
  16. D

    Webcam input freezing while using VirtualCam

    Hey everyone! I'm having a problem with my video input (webcam) freezing. The only way to get it unfrozen is to restart OBS. I teach online using OBS as a virtual webcam. I used it for months with a cheap low resolution Logitech camera with no issues. Then I switched to a high resolution...
  17. B

    Virtualcam stopped working

    When I first installed OBS Studio and Virtualcam, it worked fine when I broadcasted to Bluejeans using FF browser. Then all of a sudden it stopped working. I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times but to no avail. I just get a blank grey sometimes black screen. Can someone help...
  18. B

    Question / Help How to "export" Audi to Zoom

    Hey everybody, I use VirtualCam to bring my Video from OBS to Zoom Meeting. The only problem is, that there is a delay of the video compared to audio in Zoom right now. The problem is, that my microphone is direktly connected to Zoom and the Video comes from VirtualCam/ OBS which causes the...
  19. Z

    Question / Help Virtual Cam Grey no image

    Hey! I can't get my virtual cam to work at all, though it was working fine the other day! i know zoom has changed, but even if i try it as a webcam on YT it still is grey and i can't figure out why! any advice would be great!