Virtual Cam not showing in any app


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Hi everyone!

I just installed OBS (v27.2.4) and f virtual cam (v2.0.5) on a clean Windows 10 Pro installation. When I start the virtual webcam and I go to any other app like the windows camera, the virtual camera isn´t showing as an option (it shows an error because the actual cam is being used in OBS).
My layout is video capture of the laptop webcam and a screen capture. I rebooted the pc after the installation, I'm runing OBS as an administrator and I have game mode activated (don´t know what that is, but I have seen it in related posts).
The log file:

Any clue on how to fix this?
Thank you very uch!


Windows camera don't recognize the virtual cam. Check it with Discord or other similar programs which do recognize the virtual cam.