virtualcam under windows 10

  1. matsrom

    Virtual Cam not showing in any app

    Hi everyone! I just installed OBS (v27.2.4) and f virtual cam (v2.0.5) on a clean Windows 10 Pro installation. When I start the virtual webcam and I go to any other app like the windows camera, the virtual camera isn´t showing as an option (it shows an error because the actual cam is being used...
  2. S

    frames dropped and video lag while using zoom and obs

    I am a music teacher teaching online via zoom and using OBS(virtualcam). I am using OBS as virtual cam to zoom. Since past few months I am facing issue of lag in the video and lots of drops in frames. Not sure what is the issue. tried all hacks. Still not working. Day by day the the issue is...
  3. H

    Scene switching in Windows 10 with camera change has certain effects

    Hi, I would like to share a problem, I am half way through troubleshooting. I am using two USB webcams (Logitech C270 (hereafter C270) and Microsoft Studio (hereafter MS)) under OBS on a Lenovo X220 with docking station under Windows 10 x64. There are several scenes set up: 1) both webcams...