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    [Advanced Scene Switcher] Autorun Zoom meetings with links

    Hi there, I may need some assistance here since I don't understand programming at all. Here are the brief information to save some of your time. Setup Intentions: Automatic Zoom Runner for my OBS Setup (I'm just an attendees, no access to zoom recording) I need an OBS setup where I can...
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    Projecting the preview fluently in live picture

    Hi! I am rather new to OBS and I have a little problem. I programmed a little welcome message per Streamer Bot which makes a sentence pop up above the chat box when a user writes in the chat for the first time per stream. It all works very well in the preview but when I am live it still only...
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    External controller app - do I need a plugin?

    I want to create an app with easy-to-use controls specific to my needs. I imagine the whole thing like OBS Studio and my app running at the same time, and OBSS reacting on signals sent by my app (one way). I was reading the docs and could build the data object to send the singal, but is there a...
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    Automation scripts/plugins

    Question I’m using obs as a music video channel and was wondering if there’s a script for playing certain clips at certain times during the hour? Similar to how PAL scripts are used for automation Sams broadcaster...