Projecting the preview fluently in live picture


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Hi! I am rather new to OBS and I have a little problem. I programmed a little welcome message per Streamer Bot which makes a sentence pop up above the chat box when a user writes in the chat for the first time per stream. It all works very well in the preview but when I am live it still only shows up in the preview, not in the live image. Does anyone know how to make it run in the live image too? I programmed it via Text GDI with a transition.


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Click the 'studio mode' button in the bottom-right to go into single-window simple mode. I'm not sure that Streamerbot can bypass the preview/program method of operation in Studio mode.

You may also be able to add your setup to a second Scene, then add that Scene into your other scenes as a Source. Studio Mode does not 'hold' changes off-screen for nested scenes until transition, as it does not consider them 'active'.