Question / Help OBS & Zoom - Cropped Guest Windows move when new connections or disconnections.


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Hello all

I am new to OBS and making a Zoom live Streaming through it. I am preparing an online web event with several guests and facing a real problem, let me explain how I proceed :
I make a zoom meeting to have all my guests, and then in OBS I crop the 'windows capture' in SOURCE to have only the face of the guest. In a SCENE I often put up to 5 guests (5 times windows capture in SOURCE tab), cropping only the window of the guest, and removing everything else.

My problem is:
When there is a guest that connects later or there is a disconnectiong, the cropped windows move, and everything else moves. I have to manually recrop videos to have my guest in the frame.

Is there a way to have the videos fixed, so that when I crop them they do not move even if there is another guest popping up, or a disconnection?

How can i overcome this issue? HELP please