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More OBS Source control, TTS options, and fixes!​

  • OBS Flip for horizontally or vertically flipping a source.
  • OBS Rotate for rotating a source.
  • OBS Stats for retrieving OBS stream statistics.
  • TTS now supports pitch and rate inputs for modifying the voice.
  • Added a log statement when KC initializes that logs the current version.
  • Added a log statement when connecting to OBS that logs the OBS Websocket version.
  • Fixed KC failing to load when a file in fileTriggers.txt cannot be read.

Making Groups easier in OBS Websocket v5!​

Upgraded OBS triggers and actions that treat groups like scenes to support using the scene name instead.


- OnOBSSourceVisibility works properly when a source within a group is updated.
- OBS Position, OBS SceneSource, and OBS Size can update sources within a group without changing the value of <scene> to the group name.
- OBS Source can update sources within a group in the current scene.


- OnOBSSourceVisibility no longer supports putting the group as the <scene> if listening for a source within a group.