1. O

    Streamlabs obs not exporting recordings

    Whenever I record anything with stream labs obs it runs smoothly but I have one problem. My recordings go to my captures folder but there are no videos inside the folder. Here's a gif showing what's happening, Recently I did change my regular...
  2. Z

    Even If I Manually muted my Audio Output Capture, My Mic is hearing the Music of YT

    I have this problem for a week and I haven't Stream yet because of it. Even If I manually Muted my Audio Output Capture(Or my Desktop Audio in OBS), When I test my mic for my voice, the mic picks up a faint but a bit loud sound of the music or game audio, even if the Audio Output capture is...
  3. I

    Comment insérer un overlay dans streamlabs OBS ?

    Salut, j'ai un overlay que je vous partage çi-joint et je n'arrive pas a l'inserer dans streamlabs OBS pour que tous s'emboite. J'aurais besoin d'aide. Merci d'avance.
  4. P

    Peripherals glitch out during streaming "HELP"

    Every time I try to stream in 1080p 60fps, my computer glitches out and my Mouse and Keyboard start disconnecting and reconnecting at a constant and random rate. It's frequent enough to render the PC inoperable. This does not occur when I stream at 720p 60fps. My current specifications are as...
  5. T

    Verpixelter Stream / Warzone / Twitch / OBS

    Hallo Community, Schonmal vorab Danke für alle Antworten und Bemühungen. Setup: -Single PC -Ryzen 7 3700x -RX 6800 XT -2x8gb ram ~3000mhz -WQHD -upload: 11mb OBS (streamlabs): -Medium oder fast (beides versucht) -Profil Main oder High (^^^^) -720p und 1080p (^^^^) -Bitrate 6000 -x264 -60fps...
  6. darkasphalt

    StreamLabs widgets freezing

    I am using StreamLabs OBS 0.26.0 on Windows 10. I have very basic widgets set up: chatbox animated alert on follow My widgets freeze over time while streaming. It happens at random times during the stream and, once frozen, will not unfreeze until I end my stream and restart it. I have...
  7. K

    Warzone feeling laggy while streaming

    Hey there! I have googled my problem multiple times and haven't found an answer, that's why I am trying my luck here. Problem: While streaming with OBS Streamlabs CoD Warzone feels laggy, while having good frames (around 100-120 which feels smooth to me normally - without streaming I have around...
  8. N

    How to loop a video with Streamlabs OBS ?

    Hello everyone, Here's my problem : when i add a video source in streamlabs, i only can select the "loop" option without any more option. I would like to loop my video this way : "Start - End - End - Start - Start..." to get a smooth loop. Is that possible with Stramlabs or do i have to edit...
  9. zamboknee

    Bunch of Newb questions (Streamlabs OBS)

    Trying to get things going on my Twitch and having some issues with Streamlabs OBS. Please help out a newbie with any of these that you can. Having a guest on via Zoom. Is the best source for that a 'Window capture?' I go to a different program on my laptop and come back and the person's zoom...
  10. M

    OBS (and Streamlabs OBS) minecraft crash "Fix"

    First of all, I'm not english so please don't blame me if I miss-spell something! c-c Hi everyone, I hope you are doing great! I registered to the forum literally to stop this endless bugs&fixes battle against minecraft and OBS. Note: this situation may be different based on system...
  11. D

    Audio Issues with Streamlabs and NDI Source

    Hi All! I'm very new to the world of streaming from OBS products, so let me briefly explain my setup. I am trying to stream PS4 gameplay from an Elgato HD60S using SLOBS to Twitch. I'm on a fairly powerful Macbook Pro, so granted it's not a match made in heaven, compatibility wise. But using...
  12. S

    OBS Streamlabs Makes My Computer FPS Drop

    Hey guys, as seen in the title, when I open Streamlabs OBS, or even just regular OBS, my computer starts lagging really hard (FPS drop by more than 50%). It really annoys the hell out of me as I invested a lot in this computer. I kinda suck at coding and all that and wanted to know if any of you...
  13. Gabriel.hutch11

    Sudden frame rate issues. Please help me

    Hey guys I REALLY need help. I had been streaming for about a month with no issues at all at 3500kbs - CBR - 60fps - 1080x720 on the Auto (Recommended) ingest server. The streamed looked really good! My upload speed is 24 Mbps. Life was good. But a week ago out of nowhere my video quality is...
  14. D

    Problems with Streamlabs since newest Windwos Update.

    I have some problems while trying to Capture my Display. If i select capture window it works but it cuts out a little bit of the window. Also if I open OBS i am able to do a screen recording. For some reasons Streamlabs is going crazy since I updated my Laptop. I already tried everything and...
  15. G

    Streaming music without recording music.

    So im using streamlabs obs to stream games on twitch, i like to have music in the backround as iam not verry good at talking. since the begining it has been my intent to edit the streams down and put them on youtube but the music is in the way, iam simply wondering if there is anny simple way to...
  16. Vampor

    Cannot select Video-Adapter (2nd GPU)

    Hello there, So i wanted to use my 2nd gpu as an encoder for streaming on Streamlabs. In OBS it worked just fine, I could see my 2 GPUs as “video adapters” in the streaming settings, but in Streamlabs this option is greyed out. I can not select anything. The encoder is set to AMD, the 2nd...
  17. T

    Streamlabs Alert Echo

    Hello, I've looked everywhere and done just about everything to get this fixed. When someone follows me on Twitch I get an echo. I'm using Streamlabs alerts as a browser source and for all of my scenes the box is checked to shutdown source when not visible. I've muted all audio except for...
  18. K

    OBS fine but Facebook streamer dashboard / livestream lagging on FPS games & disconnecting

    I stream regularly to Facebook, and never normally have any issues regarding lagging / stutter on live gameplay when viewed on Facebook gaming. I had my base canvas set to 1080p and output to 1080p Normally, my CPU is around 10-20% running 4500kbps and I stream games like Dead by Daylight...
  19. E


    Hi i'm new to obs streamlabs and my Call of Duty gameplay is extremely choppy and I can't find a solution. I've included logs. No choppy gameplay when I'm playing. Really appreciate the help :)
  20. H

    Question / Help Random lines everywhere on window

    What the hell is this? How do I fix it? Ty