OBS (and Streamlabs OBS) minecraft crash "Fix"


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First of all, I'm not english so please don't blame me if I miss-spell something! c-c

Hi everyone, I hope you are doing great! I registered to the forum literally to stop this endless bugs&fixes battle against minecraft and OBS.
Note: this situation may be different based on system drivers/hardware or both and for me it applies ONLY on NVIDIA graphics card.
My MAX-Q laptop have an Nvidia GTX 1650 and now this is the situation:

Most of times minecraft crashes ONLY if you use Game Capture, but it COULD crash even with window or display capture.

First: from minecraft 1.13 to minecraft 1.16.4 the game render engine got re-coded, in fact on my laptop minecraft doesn't crash instantly in 1.8.9 but only in latest (1.16.x ATM) minecraft versions. I tried for HOURS different soulutions until I noticed that the crash started to happen not randomly but only AFTER opening up Nvidia control panel, so I thought: "I can use this 'crash trigger' to make tests much easier!' " and I was right. 1.8.9 crashed only after leaving my single player world (created in 1.8.9), my 1.16.4 minecraft crashed instantly after opening up the Nvidia control panel and I couldn't open it again, because once the window became active it instantly closed with the minecraft launcher error 0, that translates in the fact that the crash is not cause by the JavaVM but from outside the VM (basically outside the game).

The "Fix" is not even a fix, just a "trick" to avoid this issue: use the badlion client!
I can record with 0 issues using game capture in all versions that badlion client supports and if you know how to set it up properly, performance are the same as the Optifine ones, with even more features.

Still, a lot of mods/modpacks and even newest snapshots of the game can't be recorded and will crash and the only way to avoid this is PROBABLY using the integrated graphic card if you have it.
In order to do so, you have to run minecraft and obs on the integrated graphic, you can set it up from Nvidia control panel.

I hope that Mojang, Nvidia, the OBS team or whoever is the responsible for this problem can soon release a real fix to this issue once for all, this post was made for "Vanilla/PvP" players only and can't help nobody that wants to record modpacks or snapshots using their dedicated Nvidia graphic card.

P.S. Sometimes, older drivers works but newest one MIGHT have better performance and so is recommended to keep them up to date.
If you have a better solution or I missed something, please let everyone know replying to this thread!

Last thing: SP (Cracked) users have to wait or use their integrated graphics, or they can try with window/display capture but this is really bad to me (I tried D:).


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I'm having a similar problem, but instead of crashing always while using game capture while only sometimes crashing using other capture methods, no matter what it crashes after a few seconds. it doesn't have to be recording either, as long as I've interacted with the OBS app Minecraft will crash. I have looked at the crash report and it has stated that the crash was due to an external program.