Normal fps in game, but non existent fps while streaming on twitch. pls help :(


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I'm using SLOBS to stream on twitch. I mainly stream Tekken 7 1080p 60fps with no problem. Last night I decided to stream Horizon : Zero Dawn. Gameplay was no problem averaging over 50 fps, I have a second monitor for the stream preview but it was bit choppy. And then one of my viewers said that the framerate was really bad and I ended the stream soon after to check how bad was it. Lo and behold its just stuck on 1 frame! The sound is playing normally tho.

I set the game's graphic settings to low at 60 fps max

My SLOBS settings ;-


Output Mode : Simple
Video Bitrate : 6000
Encoder : AMD
Audio Bitrate : 128


Base Res : 1920x1080
Output Res : 1920x1080
Downscale Filter : Bicubic
FPS Type : Common FPS Values
Common FPS Values : 60

My internet speed is 31mbps down, and 55mbps up. So there shouldn't be any problems with my bitrate right?

My PC Specs ;-

CPU : Intel Xeon E3-1270 v3
Mobo : Asrock B85 pro4
GPU : AMD R9 390x 8GB Asus Strix
RAM : 4GBX2 DDR3 dual channel
Storage : 120GB SSD, 500GB HDD

I tried streaming on 720p 60 fps, no problem! But it looks terrible :( I don't want to stream this game in that res. It doesn't do the game justice