Advanced Settings Not Working


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Okay before anything, I need to say these three things.

1. All my drivers are up to date, I checked around 3 times.
2. Simple mode WORKS, but as soon as I change it to Advanced settings... it won't work.
3. I have a


NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030

Driver version:
Driver date: 7/12/2021
DirectX version: 12 (FL 12.1)
Physical location: PCI bus 1, device 0, function 0

So whenever I have it on Simple mode, I can record and stream without ANY issues at all


But as soon as I change it to advanced mode...

This shows up

I honestly do not understand the problem. I am 95% sure that all my drivers are up to date, I even did some optional Window Updates. If you know any reason why, please tell me.


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The GT 1030 does not have nvenc. You may need to make a new profile to be able to choose the correct encoder.