Cant get audio bars to move for HD60s+ in streamlabs

Lord Landry

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Hey all,

im new here, mainly because im losing my mind over this stuff and I have no where else to turn. Long story short, my last El Gato HD60s broke by falling and busting apart. I bought a new one (upgraded to HD60s+) and connected it the same was as my last device was. HDMIs are in properly. USB power is connected to the computer, in a USB3.0 Slot (blue inside). I got rid of the EL gato game capture software and the sound capture because I don’t use it and heard that can be an issue. I downloaded the 4k utility tool and made sure I am connected with Analog audio. I cant get game audio to work on the 4k tool, OR Streamlabs. So it cant be a streamlabs or 4k utility problem. I must have a setting somewhere out of place. I know im hooked in with analog audio and its worked in the past. Ive checked to make sure nothings muted (the actual 4k utility and the sounds / devices section in the task bar bottom right corner).

Im using Windows 10 if that is important. Also, I am shooting this off from work so my hope is that in a few hourswhen I leave I will have some leads to follow …. Well thats my hope anyway. Ive spent almost too much time on google and youtube… lots of good suggestions, but nothing works .

Im working off of a PS5 as well. The audio was working to my knoweldge prior to the first HD60 falling and breaking… the only new equipment here is the HD60s+.

Thank you to anyone who can assist


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Streamlabs OBS [SLOBS] is a derivative version of OBS Studio, with the front-end hacksawed off and a webpage slapped over the top by the Streamlabs folks.

You should reach out to Streamlabs <> for support with their forked version of OBS.

If you are using OBS Studio (from this site), then I recommend following instructions for this forum