Question / Help Pixelated streams

So I recently picked up streaming, and as I was playing older or lower quality games, I really didn't see the pixelation at first, but now I'm slowly moving into bigger and newer games, and whenever I move in a game, it just gets extremely pixelated and blurry, only for it to completely disappear when I stop moving. I've tried googling this issue and they tell me to adjust the bitrate which I tried to no avail, I tried changing FPS settings, Downscaling resolution and a lot of other stuff... But nothing seems to work. Looking into the part my PC has, people are saying I should have no issue with streaming. I currently have an assembled PC with an i5-4460 intel core, A GTX 970 Video card 8 GB ram, a CPU of 3.20 GHz and I don't seem to be able to this pixelation problem that appears in stream when I move. Does anyone know what settings I should put in or what the solution for this problem would be in general?