Pixelated streaming


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-i5 12600k
-Amd rx6800xt
-16gb 3600mhz cl16
-Download: 950Mbps
-Upload: 97Mbps
OBS setting:
-Server: Germany, Frankfurt(6)
-Encoder: AMD HW H.264(AVC)
-Rate Control: CBR
-Bitrate: 8000Kbps
-Keyframe: 2
-Preset: Quality
-Proile: High
-B-frames: 2
-Canvas: 2560x1440
-Output: 720p 60fps bicubic
-Network optimizations and TCP pacing on true

8 minutes of play:

I know it's mainly the AMD encoder's fault but please help me to alleviate this problem it's absurd that with a connection and hardware of this type I suck the stream so much. Especially at night or in areas with vegetation.


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That's normal.
Try streaming to youtube using 20 mbps and see the difference.
Can you tell me why my friend with an i7 6700k and a 1660ti has no problem in 1080p60 in the same situation (setting in game and obs) except encoder. Is there any even stupid way to improve the situation? Instead the drastic way to improve what is it?


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That's normal.
Try streaming to youtube using 20 mbps and see the difference.
I have talked to my salesman friends and seen my finances could I buy a 3070/3070ti/3080/4070ti at a good price, using nvenc accordingly can I have net improvements?


- On an AMD HW H.264 encoder you won't get a good picture no matter what you do. Only AMD HW H.265 can provide high quality, but you can only use it to stream to YouTube via the HLS protocol.

- Because your friend obviously uses the NVENC encoder, he's much better.

- x264 on the veryfast preset is a good starting point. The medium preset will give a significant improvement in quality, but your processor will not be able to handle it.

- NVIDIA graphics cards starting with the GTX 1650 V 2.0 are equipped with the latest NVENC encoders. You should choose Turing or Ampere. The best option with a future perspective is the RTX 4000 series, they can encode with AV1, but for now this is only relevant for video recording.


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Try offloading the encoding to your iGPU. Here's the settings I use with 12900k/UHD770. If you encounter any encoding lag, use the Balanced or Medium Preset. I believe you will like the results.