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  1. C

    Keep Youtube Stream When OBS Disconnect/Reconnect

    Greetings everyone! How to keep Youtube streaming stay online when OBS disconnect and reconnecting?
  2. S

    Pixelated/Blocky Youtube Stream

    I have an RTX 4070 with an 11 Mb upload. No matter what my bit rate, resolution, FPS, quality, keyframes, b-frames, or encoder setting I choose. nothing fixes the issue I always use the same AV1 NVEC encoder. 6000 Kbps CBR I've tried 4,000 to 10,000 Kpbs bit rates It doesn't help. But the...
  3. T

    Terrible camera quality when moving. Unrecognizable pixelated face.

    Hey! I have a very annoying problem... The quality of my camera is... well, bad. Especially when I'm moving in game(APEX).I know this question has been asked before, but none of the advice helped, so... I stream on YouTube, and I found this video where he suggests that if you set your stream...
  4. R

    Dedicated Server for Several Simultaneous Live Streams

    Hello Guys. I wonder if anyone here could answer this question. I was on YouTube the other day and saw someone live streamed 10 video at the same time. I did some research and figured that this isn't possible with a traditional computer. Because you have to have instances of OBS Software...
  5. P

    Stream only showing up as one picture

    I was just streaming Minecraft to youtube for 30 minutes. When I went to check on it, for the whole time it was just streaming one frame. I didn't pause it or anything. Will this happen again and if it does how do I stop it?
  6. Yulahandro

    Every day, new problems with OBS especially echo

    Hi Everyone, I hope someone can help me. I'm podcasting live on youtube but every time I go live on youtube I have a different echo problems A couple of days ago, OBS stopped to seeing skype then somehow I fix it but then Obs started to add sound source after I went live bc of that my guest's...
  7. N

    Question / Help Stream keeps crashing randomly on Facebook Live

    Hi, I work for a small business. We recently started doing live stream auctions on Facebook. Our demographic is older and is more predominant on Facebook. I'm using OBS Studio. Every time we go live, we eventually will crash. OBS will sometimes reconnect us. But, usually we are dead in the water...
  8. I

    Question / Help My mic on my headset sounds robotic/glitchy. How do I fix it?

    Hi guys, I use a Logitech G633 as a headset and I use my mic while streaming. Sometimes my mic audio is perfect and sometimes it has a robitic/glitchy echo sound to it on the stream. I think this happens when I use the Xbox Game Bar for a party. Please can someone help me with this. Thanks...
  9. G

    Question / Help Stream not resuming on same video link

    Hi, I stream on youtube using the latest version of OBS. At times my internet connection disconnects for 1 min. And when stream resumes it is creating a new video file on youtube instead of continuing on the old one. Are there any settings related to this?
  10. S

    Question / Help YouTube stream ~30-second delay (Latency question)

    I've watched various tutorials in minimising latency for YouTube streams, I've messed around with OBS settings (24.0.3) and YouTube settings. My PC is a very good one and my upload speed is 16 mbps so I can't understand why my streams have a 30 second delay. Any help and guidance would be...
  11. AmadeusRings

    Bug Report OBS Boots me from both Facebook and Youtube MID-Stream

    Greetings, I tried Googling a solution and could not find one. I've tried lowering my bitrate, reinstalling OBS, etc. I've been trying to stream a game for the past week and no matter what I do, I can't seem to get a consistent stream. It seems to be at random. Attached is an error log. Could...
  12. R

    Question / Help YT, Discord, livestream settings - no video

    Hi, New user here. I've been working on a setup where myself and 2-3 others are in a discord channel and livestream to youtube for movie reviews, etc. No video is involved. I've had some decent success yet troubleshooting has been an issue. I use a headset/mic for mic and have desktop audio...
  13. AlPlayz

    Question / Help Recommended settings for entry level pc

    Hey guy, i am building (or plan to build) an entry level pc with these specs: CPU: AMD A6 9500 (3.5GHz) GPU: ASUS 750 TI (2GB) RAM: Patriot - 8GB - 2400mhz (Single channel) MOBO: ASRock A320M - H Storage: - Kingston A400 - 240GB - SSD - Seagate Baracuda - 1TB - HDD PSU: Corsair...
  14. T

    Question / Help Stop OBS from Creating New Link After Disconnect & Reconnect

    Hi all, I'm one of those weird storm chasers and I live stream my shenanigans for the folks back home and I'm running into issues where OBS creates a stream link, streams for a while, and when I travel into a service deadzone, it'll disconnect as expected. The issue is, when it reconnects it...
  15. wedotdd

    Question / Help Best Settings for YouTube Streaming / Live

    I have not had a good time trying to get a stable stream up on YouTube Live. Has anyone? If so please share your settings. I keep getting lost frames and to yellow, to red status. I'm using OBS the latest which right now is 23.1.0
  16. P

    Question / Help Tinny Noise when streaming and recording.

    Here is a link to my recent video. How do I get the mic to sound better. Also my camera starts acting weird and if I move it, it will clear up. I am a NOOB and need help. Log File
  17. tonysdev

    Question / Help YouTube stream packets loss

    Hello! I have trouble with streaming on YouTube. My internet connection is good but i have packets loss from 6k to 22-25k bitrate(50-70%packets loss). I don't know what to do. This is my log file:
  18. L

    Question / Help 24fps to Youtube streams at 30fps

    Hi, I am fairly sure this is not an OBS issue, but maybe someone can suggest some way I can set OBS to address what Youtube is doing to my stream. I am using 24 NTSC frame rate, the streamed content is 24, and the local saved copy is 23.97fps. When the stream is viewed on youtube its always...
  19. B

    Question / Help Youtube stream misses first 3-4 minutes of the stream?

    Hi, I try to stream an iRacing racing game onto Youtube. Basically everything is working as expected. When I start Streaming, youtube live streaming dashboards switches to live and good health starting to show the stream with a short delay. But sometimes - and I have not figured out what...
  20. B

    Question / Help Video Output Low On YouTube But Fine On Facebook

    Hi there, How's it possible that I have an upload speed of almost 30 Mbps and I can't get a YouTube live stream to work with OBS? I've done numerous amounts of live streams on Facebook with zero issues and I recently decided to want to do them on YouTube as well.. Never got any settings to...