youtube streaming

  1. AlPlayz

    Question / Help Recommended settings for entry level pc

    Hey guy, i am building (or plan to build) an entry level pc with these specs: CPU: AMD A6 9500 (3.5GHz) GPU: ASUS 750 TI (2GB) RAM: Patriot - 8GB - 2400mhz (Single channel) MOBO: ASRock A320M - H Storage: - Kingston A400 - 240GB - SSD - Seagate Baracuda - 1TB - HDD PSU: Corsair...
  2. T

    Question / Help Stop OBS from Creating New Link After Disconnect & Reconnect

    Hi all, I'm one of those weird storm chasers and I live stream my shenanigans for the folks back home and I'm running into issues where OBS creates a stream link, streams for a while, and when I travel into a service deadzone, it'll disconnect as expected. The issue is, when it reconnects it...
  3. W

    Question / Help Best Settings for YouTube Streaming / Live

    I have not had a good time trying to get a stable stream up on YouTube Live. Has anyone? If so please share your settings. I keep getting lost frames and to yellow, to red status. I'm using OBS the latest which right now is 23.1.0
  4. P

    Question / Help Tinny Noise when streaming and recording.

    Here is a link to my recent video. How do I get the mic to sound better. Also my camera starts acting weird and if I move it, it will clear up. I am a NOOB and need help. Log File
  5. tonysdev

    Question / Help YouTube stream packets loss

    Hello! I have trouble with streaming on YouTube. My internet connection is good but i have packets loss from 6k to 22-25k bitrate(50-70%packets loss). I don't know what to do. This is my log file:
  6. L

    Question / Help 24fps to Youtube streams at 30fps

    Hi, I am fairly sure this is not an OBS issue, but maybe someone can suggest some way I can set OBS to address what Youtube is doing to my stream. I am using 24 NTSC frame rate, the streamed content is 24, and the local saved copy is 23.97fps. When the stream is viewed on youtube its always...
  7. B

    Question / Help Youtube stream misses first 3-4 minutes of the stream?

    Hi, I try to stream an iRacing racing game onto Youtube. Basically everything is working as expected. When I start Streaming, youtube live streaming dashboards switches to live and good health starting to show the stream with a short delay. But sometimes - and I have not figured out what...
  8. B

    Question / Help Video Output Low On YouTube But Fine On Facebook

    Hi there, How's it possible that I have an upload speed of almost 30 Mbps and I can't get a YouTube live stream to work with OBS? I've done numerous amounts of live streams on Facebook with zero issues and I recently decided to want to do them on YouTube as well.. Never got any settings to...
  9. J

    Question / Help Logitech C920

    Hello everybody. I was wondering if anybody knows why my Logitech c920 webcam is pixelated. I am running it through obs, in 1080 by 30 or 60fps. I also have a 5500 bit rate. I have know idea what to do.
  10. Horst2019

    Question / Help Stork cam stream should keep the same URL in Youtube live

    Every time the OBS Server was restarted, Youtube Live creates a new video URL for the same stream. But for my stork's nest IP-camera, Youtube Live should permanently keep the same video URL for that stream. In the OBS-settings for "stream", there is no reference to the video URL, only...
  11. DKRecords

    Question / Help OBS HD 60 Pro - Stutter/FrameFreezing Randomly

    So for weeks ive been streaming to YouTube with no issues at all. But lately My Friends & I have all been experiencing the same problem. About every 10 to 12 seconds there is a weird slow down/stutter of the HD60 Pro. It will freeze for a split second then go back to normal. I will attach a...
  12. DKRecords

    Question / Help YouTube 1080p 60fps Stream Stutter/Slow Down

    So for weeks ive been streaming to YouTube with no issues at all. But lately My Friends & I have all been experiencing the same problem. As seen in the stream from last night. About every 10 to 12 seconds there is a weird slow down/stutter of the entire stream...
  13. slayciel

    Question / Help Game live stream video flashing and laggy

    I was just doing a quick test run to test the visuals of my game, because the audio was just fine, so I wasn't talking in the video. but when live streaming to YouTube, the video i was looking at on my phone to test it was flashy!? I didn't know why, so I just resumed my game play and test out a...
  14. B

    Question / Help YouTube Streaming Audio Desync

    I've been streaming to YouTube recently (and recording at the same time), and the chat mentioned at the start of the first stream that the audio was desynced. As I was looking through my settings, someone mentioned that refreshing fixed the problem. I assumed this meant the issue was on...
  15. D

    Question / Help Youtube Stream poor quality, but Twitch and Mixer fine

    Hi, title says it all really. The image I get on Youtube is blocky and pixelated. I am wondering... If I start tinkering with the OBS settings, surely that would have a negative effect on my currently decent Twitch/Mixer stream? I'm new to all this, and therefore pretty useless. Still trying to...
  16. S

    Question / Help 3 Questions I need answered

    Good day all, So, as the title says, I have two questions that I can't seem to find an answer for. Can I stream to Facebook and YouTube at the same time from the same instance? We stream our church services 3 times a week. Is there a place I can I set the title of the message in the SW that...
  17. B

    Bug Report ps4 lag through OBS

    When i stream my play on youtube the stream laggs alot, The game is all good but the stream isn't. Can someone please react to this? i posted it like 4 days ago and had no reaction?
  18. LovingMyFlicks

    Question / Help Using Discord with OBS and You Tube

    Want to do a you tube movie review video channel with threedo users from different locations around the United States. We decided to try Discord to try to do recorded and eventually live broadcasts on You Tube. Just wondering if anyone has tried this before and can offer assistance?
  19. B

    Question / Help PS4 Stream on Youtube and twitch lag when streaming

    Hi i want to stream through my elgato HD60 with OBS onto Youtube when i try to stream the stream lags my OBS or ps4 do not. Can someone please tell me what it is? is it my PC is it my internet connection please help! My log is: 17:42:28.250: CPU Name: AMD A10-7300 Radeon R6, 10 Compute Cores...
  20. LovingMyFlicks

    Question / Help How to run OBS with Skype

    So I am a podcaster and a youtuber and I am in Arizona. I have two co hosts one in Florida and one in California. I want to be able to do a youtube video with the three of us in seperate video windows and eventually do live broadcasts. I saw this last night with a Halloween show on Youtube. Each...