Keep Youtube Stream When OBS Disconnect/Reconnect


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1. If computer is part of the problem, then have an alternate streaming computer and internet connection for backup stream... which is expensive and complicated, for the most part, which is why most consumers don't do something like that. Businesses, with revenue to cover such expenses sometimes have such backups... but most do not
2. if your LAN/WAN connection is the problem, then simply an adequate alternate ISP might suffice.... but in that case, why not just drop current problematic ISP?

most effective approach - fix reason for disconnect in first place


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Thank you, @Lawrence_SoCal

in my case, the problem is the connection, and i don't have the other option.
Sometime (not always), the connection down for few seconds, and youtube link close automatically.

When i use VMix, the Youtube streaming link stay online and this is never happen even the connection down for 1-2 minutes.


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OBS Studio can be configured to attempt a re-connect after a disconnect. It works for most people.
As Aaron posted here