Question / Help Recommended settings for entry level pc


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Hey guy, i am building (or plan to build) an entry level pc with these specs:

CPU: AMD A6 9500 (3.5GHz)
GPU: ASUS 750 TI (2GB)
RAM: Patriot - 8GB - 2400mhz (Single channel)
MOBO: ASRock A320M - H
Storage: - Kingston A400 - 240GB - SSD
- Seagate Baracuda - 1TB - HDD
PSU: Corsair 450W

I Would Like To Start Streaming from this pc and would like to know the best settings for a smooth stream (dw i have good internet), i'd like to have minimum res 720p 30fps but 1080p 30 (or even better if 60fps) if possible, pls help me, thank you