1. R

    Whole computer lags when opening OBS Specs: Laptop Asus TUF Gaming A15 FA506QR-AZ001 ·Processor: AMD Ryzen™ 7 5800H 3.0 GHz ·Graphics card: NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3070 8GB GDDR6 ·RAM: SO-DIMM DDR4-3200 16GB ·Memory: SSD M.2 NVMe™ PCIe® 3.0 de 1 TB ·System: Windows 11 Been...
  2. P

    Camera Properties Problem

    Hello, I'm new to obs and I want to add my camera into my scene. When I click on add video capture device, it's bring me to the properties but then it freeze and say that it's not responding. It's still doesn't work even though I've reinstalled obs, and restarted my PC. Help me please!
  3. jorgepazdiaz

    I have a problem to add camera in OBS

    I have a problem to add camera in OBS, when add to camera my OBS restart always and see the next message: Translated Report (Full Report Below) ------------------------------------- Process: OBS [7320] Path: /Applications/ Identifier...
  4. N

    OBS crashing when opening video capture device settings.

    It's as the title says, whenever I add the video capture device and open the settings, it perma loads, freezes and crashes, I can't think of anything to fix it at this point.
  5. E

    How to fix the OBS camera crashing?

    Everytime I try to change the camera setting, OBS will freeze and crash. It's problematic since months ago, I'm OK as long as long it shows the video from the camera. But since this week, the video from camera is gone, too. And no matter I tried to change the setting of the camera or tried to...
  6. tanokgamer

    OBS get crashed when I select Camera Resource

    After the last update, I am trying to modify the camera, but the application freeze and never responds. I unistalled and re installed the application clearing all the data. The problem persists and I don't know what can I do. With other applications let me select the camera that I need, but in...
  7. J

    camera resseting obs 28.0.1

    Only Video Proc Amp save but Camera Control isn't saving.
  8. Savage Roma

    I dunno what title to write.

    I have i such a strange problem You know some streamers have this think like when they uses pictures like a some kind of "web camera", this likes when they speak pictures change, so how to do thing like this? (If this imposible in OBS please say to me other soft where i can do this)
  9. K

    (solve) OBS crash when i try to log my camera,

    Need help, when ever i try to interact with my camera it freez and say the program not working, i tryed to run as admin, reboot pc, change usb port of camera, HELP Hapen sudently (no change done)
  10. S

    How to record separate clean video sources while streaming (without the plugin "Source Record")?

    Hey all, I'm getting desperate here. I create youtube videos and want to combine this process with my Twitch stream. So far, I've recorded my videos without streaming and I had my recording resolution set to 3840x1080px with my camera on the left side and my gameplay on the right. This way, I...
  11. R

    Video cam is flickering

    Please, does anyone know how to stop this? Thank you!!
  12. M

    I need help with my camera

    Hello, I use a logitech c920e camera, I used it to make streams and it was perfect. 60fps, 1920x1080 resolution. But today when I opened the program the camera was not recognized. To my surprise, it was because obs stopped recognizing the 1920x1080 resolution, it only allows me to set the camera...
  13. dabrem

    Need Help Cameras Deactivating

    Hi, First thing I love OBS but after today I am not so sure. I had everything perfect with my stream and within obs. I currently just moved and had to setup all my equipment in a new place. Nothing changed other then the locations of my computers and monitors. Anyway I get everything setup. Turn...
  14. T

    Terrible camera quality when moving. Unrecognizable pixelated face.

    Hey! I have a very annoying problem... The quality of my camera is... well, bad. Especially when I'm moving in game(APEX).I know this question has been asked before, but none of the advice helped, so... I stream on YouTube, and I found this video where he suggests that if you set your stream...
  15. R

    2 sources, same camera

    Hi, I have a webcam that can do 4K resolution and I want to use the camera at 2K resolution for the fullscreen scene BUT I would like to use it at 1080p resolution in the other scenes, the problem is that if I try to add another source with the same camera so I can have one of them at 2K and the...
  16. G

    webcam suddenly not showing, OBS crashes when I try to select camera properties

    I have never had an issue with my webcam on OBS. I have OBS version 27.2.3 I just recently upgraded to 32 gb of ram from 8, and also updated windows 10 to windows 11. The only add-on I have is StreamFX Im not sure if either of these could be the cause but getting very frustrated as I can't even...
  17. S

    Camera delay when streaming Apex Legends (only Apex Legends)

    Streaming any game and my Camera + Audio is fine, but for some reason when streaming Apex Legends my Camera gets delayed almost instantly (20-30seconds and it slowly starts getting worse and worse) I use Logitech Capture and my Camera is Logitech C922, but im really lost rn, cause it only...
  18. M

    Configuration of the obs VirtualCam to be displayed in the device manager (needed for the android emulator)

    I need to use a virtual camera on an android emulator, is there any option for a virtual camera to be displayed in the device manager so that I can use it or maybe is there any App that will allow that?
  19. rse

    Free OBS Crop Control 2021-12-22

    This is a small HTML5 Single-Page-Application (SPA), running inside a Browser or directly inside a Source Dock of OBS Studio, for interactively controlling the position and/or size of one or more related Crop/Pad source filters in OBS Studio through a remote OBS WebSockets connection. The...
  20. miolo99

    Whatsapp desktop camera doesn't work with obs

    Hi to all, I have this problem from a few months. I installed obs for fun and now I have this problem (in photo). Can I set the wrong setting?