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    Question / Help Unlocked camera

    So, i want to capture league of legends in unlocked camera. But obs is working only with locked camera. How can i fix it?
  2. J

    Question / Help Logitech C920 Zoom/Saving Settings

    So, I have searched everywhere and cannot seem to find a solution to this issue. When I go to configure video, under my C920 source, I cannot get it to zoom to its full capabilities. When I try it with the Logitech Gaming Software it has no issues at all. Does anyone have a work around for this...
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    Question / Help Stream powepoint and a video from Camera

    Hello All , I have below requirement , and i couldn`t find option to stream from OBS . If you can share an idea on how i can do , I would really appreciate it. Offline Setup (no streaming ) which i am doing today : 1. I give presentation from a stage 2. I have a Microsoft power point...
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    Question / Help Razer Kiyo isn't showing a camera feed

    Hi all, does anyone have any experience with the razer kiyo?. I am able to select it from souces /Video Capture device/ Device, but I'm still on a grey screen. Sometimes when I restart OBS the camera's halo LED light will flash on for a second and then turn off. no picture will come on my screen...