Question / Help OBS slows down after about 17 minutes of live streaming


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I have an external camera I use to livestream to Facebook. I have the camera connected to an ezcap U3 capture box, and the box connects to my 2012 13in MacBook Pro.
During my live streaming this morning, I got about 17 minutes in, and OBS started lagging behind! I have no idea whats wrong. Is the MacBook too old? Do I have some of my settings too high?
I THINK what happens is OBS hits a short lag spike of some kind, and then never decides to catch up. It appears my video goes from 720p 30fps to 720p 5fps with the video a second or so behind.

My current output settings are:
no custom buffer size
automatic key interval
veryfast CPU usage
no x264 options

I tried changing the bitrate and the CPU usage after the lag spike to see if it would fix it, but it didn't help.
I closed OBS and re-opened it and it was perfectly fine again, so I resumed streaming.
17 minutes or so in, however, OBS slowed itself down again! I opened the Activity Manager and everything seemed fine there, OBS was taking about 200 mb of RAM, and it was using about 50-60% of the processor with 40% of the processor on idle.
Attached are my two logs from today. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


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